Boiler Installation in Essex & Suffolk

Have your bills reached boiling point? If you are thinking about having a new boiler installed in Essex or Suffolk or replacing your existing inefficient boiler to save money long term, we can help. Discussing your requirements should not be a quick conversation. Boiler installers from a reputable company should take time to conduct a full and thorough heating survey of your home and be fully aware of your heating and hot water requirements before giving you a recommendation on the type and size of boiler you need.

We have listed a few of the more common questions we would like answered before giving you a quote for you new system below.


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How do you use your hot water?

Do you regularly need hot water to more than one tap or shower head at once? This will help us determine the right type of product to fulfil your needs. Different boiler types are more suited to this type of use. We will take the time to run through all available options with you along with the associated costs.

Do you have a pumped power shower, or have plans for one in the future?

Changing to a combi boiler can have many benefits, such as space-saving in the loft or airing-cupboard, but this type of boiler is not usually compatible with a shower that has a powerful electric pump. So if you do decide to get a combi boiler, you will have to ditch the pump on your shower.

Do your hot water requirements change throughout the year?

So do say if you regularly have family or friends stay over – such as at Christmas or parties, where they will be an increased usage for your new boiler system.

What home improvements are you planning?

We will need to know if you’re thinking about adding an extension, loft conversion or solar panels, or if you think you might install a new bathroom or under-floor heating. This is so we can ensure longevity of the system and so that it is adaptable and can grow with your home, rather than needing to be replaced prematurely.

Are you having any problems with your system?

Take the time to think about any concerns or performance issues you have with your current system, let us know what they are so we can rectify any specific issues upon installation.

What brand of boiler do you want?

The reliability of boilers varies wildly by brand, with the worst more than three times as likely to break down in the first six years compared with the best. Being independent we can help you select the best product for your needs from the most reliable brands.

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