Will Underfloor Heating Boost the Property Value of Your Home?

Did you know that nearly 50% of all Europe’s energy consumption goes to heating and cooling? Almost 30% of it goes directly into heating spaces such as your residential or commercial property while the rest of it is spent on process heating and other types of heating systems.

But is there a way to reduce this energy consumption?

Luckily, underfloor heating can provide an answer to this question. An underfloor heating system is much more economical and efficient in comparison with other home heating systems and it can even increase the resale value of your property. Let’s take a look how…


Underfloor Heating Makes Your Property Look More Luxurious

Many things attract home buyers with a flexible budget such as a pool in the yard, a garage that can fit two cars, a large patio, a fireplace, etc. Underfloor heating can be included in the same category as well, because many people consider underfloor heating an ingenious way to warm up your space during cold winter days.

This system makes your property feel more luxurious and enticing. As a result, you can ask for more money when selling your house and it’s also possible to attract more high-class property buyers too.

Underfloor Heating

Floor Heating Can Offset Installation Costs

Since we mentioned that underfloor heating is more economical and energy-efficient, maybe it’s a good idea to explain why this is happening…

A floor heating system sends warmth upward until it hits the ceiling. The heat is basically trapped inside your house and since there are no vents, there’s nowhere for the heat to go, unless you open a window.

If you use a forced-air system to warm up your house, many vents need to be installed and these can drastically reduce the efficiency of the heating process. Also, a lot of hot or cold spots can develop with a forced-air system since the heat might not be distributed equally. To sum this up, underfloor heating is more economical because it uses less energy to create an optimal comfort level in your house.


You Have More Space at Your Disposal

Some people decide to heat their houses using radiators and although this is a good idea on paper, there is a drawback to it – radiators also occupy space. In some cases, these radiators are not particularly eye-catching, so they might reduce the overall aesthetic value of your house.

With underfloor heating, you’ll not have such a problem since there’s no need to add radiators or other heating devices in your property. Thanks to the fact that you have more space at your disposal, floor heating will increase the resale value of your house and offer a better return on investment.


Who Doesn’t Like a Warm Bathroom and Kitchen Floor?

Underfloor heating works great for bathrooms and kitchens and they significantly improve your comfort level. Who doesn’t like stepping on a warm bathroom floor early in the morning when brushing their teeth or once they step out of the shower? Small details like this are known to property buyers and they’ll immediately become interested in your property when you want to sell, as this definitely makes your house more attractive to clients.


Underfloor Heating Systems Are Ideal for People With Kids and Pets

This is another great advantage of underfloor heating and one reason why the resale value of your house might be increased. Many people who want to buy houses, have kids or pets. As you probably already know, small children like to spend a lot of time playing on the floor. So do dogs or cats. An underfloor heating system can provide a comfortable playing ground for your little ones and gives you more peace of mind knowing that they’re safe, warm and little fingers can’t get burnt!


You Will Spend Less Money on Maintenance

Floor maintenance is not done often, but it’s required from time to time. Some people might need to replace a damaged tile or a piece of stone. Luckily, underfloor heating systems require little to no maintenance if they are properly installed right from the start. This is also an advantage that might increase the resale value of your house because the new owner has one less thing to worry about.

An underfloor heating system is usually installed under a concrete or hardwood floor. These flooring options are very tough and designed to last a lifetime. At the same time, they’re also less prone to damages such as cracks, scratches or bumps.


Underfloor Heating Might Be More Suitable for People With Allergies or Asthma

A forced-air heating system does exactly what the name implies – it forces air throughout your house, circulating it from room to room to warm the property or cool it. Not only that this can cause draughts, but it might also circulate dust particles and other impurities throughout the indoor air. This can be a real problem for people who have asthma or various allergies.

On the other hand, underfloor heating systems radiate warmth only. They don’t create air currents and don’t recirculate dust particles. As a result, they’re more appreciated by potential home buyers, especially those who have various respiratory illnesses.


Now You Know How Underfloor Heating Can Increase Home Value!

At the end of the day, underfloor heating provides one of the best ways to improve your living conditions while protecting your investments. Make sure that you advertise this when you sell your house as it can help to selling it quickly.

To learn more about underfloor heating and how you can have it installed on your property, contact us today. We can give you a quote on your project and help you with the installation process, so you can reap all the benefits of having a functional underfloor heating system as soon as possible!

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